Announcing a New Email Box

In the past, we've just had one email address for residents to use to contact Nancy in the office. That email address is  For the forseeable future, we'd like to keep this address for normal communications. |F you have an email client like MS Outlook you can click on the links on the Main page of www. and it will launch your email program (but not if you use a web-type email program such as Gmail, etc.,).


If you use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo,, Godaddy, or any online Web Mail, you must add the ADDRESS into your ADDRESS BOOK. Clicking on the email links won't work for you because they only send a command to the operating system to open your default email client, not able to access your webmail service.


In order to allow residents to communicate with the board, especially when the office is closed, and Nancy is not monitoring the email, we've got another email box, and its address is

The board will monitor the mailbox, and respond as needed. You do not have to have an email program to use this, as it's simply an email address. Remember, if you need to contact the office on routine matters of concern, continue to use


If you find that you are not being answered in a timely fashion, feel free to use